Welcome to Basanti & Co.

Basanti & Co. is not just a restaurant, it is a destination to unwind with the flavour and zest of India.

Basanti was an iconic Bollywood character from the movie Sholay. Her horse and chariot, both were an extension of her. Bright, colourful, welcoming and an energy that you just cannot move past.

At Basanti & Co., we bring you the same the same energy with our food & drinks. And drive your experience of the Indian flavour and culture with same charisma and passion as Basanti did with her horse and chariot.

At Basanti, we harness the ethnicity of the untouched classic Indian cuisines and street fair paired with modern Home-spiced cocktails.

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Rogan josh

Signature Dishes

Hailing from Kashmir, a beautiful northern state of India, this dish describes the flavours of India with Persian roots.

Rogan josh is a vibrant dish with pieces of lamb or mutton braised with a flavorful gravy of garlic, ginger, and aromatic spices (cloves, bay leaves, cardamom, and cinnamon), and some versions incorporate onions or yogurt.
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Gulab Jamun

If Chicken Tikka Masala (or as some might say, Butter Chicken) is the king of Indian curries, then Gulab Jamun is the king of Indian deserts.

Gulab Jamun holds a very beloved stance in the large family of Indian desserts. This popularity stems from its simple yet marvelous construction: little, fried balls of a milk-based dough that are soaked in a syrup scented with green cardamom, saffron, rose water, and other spices and served warm or at room temperature. The floral, fruity quality of the syrup lends the desert a decadent and irrestible fragrance.’Gulab Jamun’ literally translates to ‘rose water’ and ‘black plum’ (a type of Indian fruit).
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Balti Chicken

With a lot of speculation around the origins of this dish, Balti Chicken has a definite Indian origin with Anglo parents.

‘Balti’ refers to the Indian cast iron, round-bottomed wok (Karahi) the curry is cooked in. The fragrant chicken dish is characterised by its thick and spicy tomato gravy and the little tang that comes from yogurt. Heavy on chilly heat, it is served with fluffy naan bread.
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A world-renowned Indian rice dish with its roots in the Mughal Empire in India.

Biryani is prepared with several layers of rice, flavoured with fragrant spices and stacked spiced meat or poultry, paneer or vegetables and some added richness with ghee or yogurt. Finally, it is slow cooked (Dum) to perfection for the authentic Indian flavour.
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Tandoori Chicken

Another signature Indian dish, Tandoori Chicken is a roasted chicken dish marinated in generously spiced yoghurt.

The appetizer is named after the cylindrical clay oven it is cooked in, the tandoor. The dish is attributed to Kundan Lal Gujral, who fled newly formed Pakistan after the 1947 partition of India and opened a restaurant in Delhi. Tandoori chicken quickly gained recognition throughout South Asia and the Middle East as well as in Western countries. The dish is laced with exotic flavor form the tandoor masala (typically a blend of cayenne pepper, garlic, ginger, onion, and garam masala), turmeric and Kashmiri chili powder which gives the meat its trademark red colour.
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Lemon Drop Martini

Signature Cocktails


A twist on the traditional vodka martini. Lemon drop martini is unique blend of house lemon, turmeric and a mix of Indian spices infused vodka in a mix of orange liqueur turmeric juice, lemon zest and house made sweet syrup.

Rooh Afza Cosmopolitan


The Rooh Afza Cosmopolitan is a flowery take on the traditional Cosmo. The drink is a beautiful bend of ose infused vodka in a saturated mix of homemade cranberry juice, orange liqueur, freshly squeezed lemon juice and aromatic rose sherbet.



An exciting and flavorful coffee based drink, Cacophony is infused with whiskey and shaken on ice in a mix of coffee liqueur ‘Kahlua’ and homemade vanilla syrup. The drink then smoked with a blend of aromatic spices (star anise, cinnamon, dried cardamoms, and cloves) for that extra spiciness and garnished with whiskey-soaked coffee beans

Chai Tea Bourbon


No Indian meal is ever complete without chai tea. Chai Tea Bourbon is a very refreshing bourbon whiskey-based drink mixed with Indian chai. Topped up with a mix of special Basanti spices, maple syrup for that extra woody flavor and garnished with a smoked rosemary leave.

Aam Panna

Aam Panna

A tropical ‘Western Ghats’ refreshing drink, Aam Panna is a blend of house karak ginger root infused vodka combined with freshly squeezed Indian mango juice and house made strawberry puree. And is garnished with mango bites for the extra oomph.



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    Basanti & Co. is not just a restaurant, it is a destination to unwind with the flavour and zest of India.