Red White & Blue Mini Pavlovas

Red White & Blue Mini Pavlovas

Basanti Indian Restaurant, located on the picturesque Bluewater Island in Dubai, is proud to introduce our newest dessert: Red White & Blue Mini Pavlovas. This dish combines the classic flavors of pavlova with a patriotic twist, making it the perfect dessert to celebrate any occasion.

Our Red White & Blue Mini Pavlovas are made with a crisp meringue base and topped with a delicious combination of fresh whipped cream, juicy red strawberries, and sweet blueberries. This dessert is not only delicious but also visually pleasing with its patriotic colors.

This dish is perfect for any special occasion, such as Independence Day, National Day or even a casual summer get together. It’s also great for sharing with friends and family.

At Basanti Indian Restaurant on Bluewater Island in Dubai, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to bring you the best in Indian cuisine, and our Red White & Blue Mini Pavlovas are no exception. Come and try them for yourself, and see why they’re quickly becoming one of our most popular menu items.

So come and visit Basanti Indian Restaurant on Bluewater Island in Dubai, and treat yourself to a taste of India with our Red White & Blue Mini Pavlovas. You won’t be disappointed!

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